Author Akshay Prakash

According to Akshay Prakash, the author of Ice Man: King of Himalayas, writing a book is really an interesting job because we need to deeply feel every character that we create especially in fiction stories. It increases our imagination and helps us to sense different personalities of the humans.

He also felt it is a difficult job because firstly, we need to have patience to write the book and enhance the story. It takes a lot of time in every step; from storyline up to publishing, we need to research every part and situation of the story.

His book is a science fiction based on the story about the superpowers which is filled with the action sequence. He says, “I enjoyed a lot while writing the novel and I am happy to say that I completed my story in just six days. I feel this is a beautiful story to read.

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Title of the book: ICEMAN
GENRE : science fiction
Summery:This story starts with the soldier who worked at India-China border. He faces a problem on the Himalayan range from a strange and unknown source. It is also a problem of the nation but none had a solution, so they decided to shut the place in the name of safety and ban any human presence in and around the place. But the brave soldier took that as a challenge and started his research to find the solution for the problem 

He began his research bystudying about the tribal peoples who lived in the mountain in previous times. Hfound out that the problem was because of the presence of a strange creature which became a main leain his research.During his travel across the place, he came across a book that vaguely described the creature in question. He started reading the book. It narrated the story of different type of humans who lived on this earth longbefore us.

The book name was ‘Secrets of Himalaya, written by a writer named Samartha. He describes his journey when he was a tread man for the village and one day wandered off into the deep mountains while leaving the city. He claimed to have come across the village of ice humans who lived in the caves. With the help of those ice humans, he learnt thesecrets of the Himalaya. He also talked about a mystical diamond that claimed to give immense power to anyone who will possess it. He came back to his city and wrote a novel about the ice humans.

The king of his city read the novel and wanted to claim the diamond for himself. With the help of Samartha,the king attacked the village of the ice humans. He killed all the ice humans except a small boy who managed tohave a narrow escape from the place. The king tried hard but was not able to get the power. After some years,he died. His daughter took over as his successor, but her sister, Tataki, killed her soon after and took the throne for herself. She knew about her father’s quest for the legendary diamond. She continued on his path determined to find the diamond and make herselfpowerful.

After some years, with the help of Aarushi, her neiceTataki was able to locate the escaped ice human, but before she could lay her hands on the diamond, the ice human, consumed its power within himself and killed Tataki. He decided to avenge the destruction of his village by wiping away humanity from the face of the earth. To stop him,Aarushi buried him in the huge mountain. Aarushi died along with him.

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